We believe that happy marriages are the foundation upon which abundant lives are built.

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“[We] truly appreciate the time you gave us and, to be honest with you, this is the only “help” session we have found to be of any help to us.  You didn’t just get us to talk about our feelings and frustrations without any aim or solution.  You actually provided us with solid steps and ways to help us, steps that made sense and insight that made us look deeper into ourselves.  We owe you for how well you handled us and made us rethink our marriage in just one session.  Thank you.”

– Sarah and Chad (names have been changed)

For a Limited Time . . .

Have you ever wondered where the excitement and energy in your marriage has gone?  Do you wish that you could feel the same love and excitement for your spouse as you once did?  Do you want to feel like your spouse is crazy about you again?  This 3-hour course will teach you how romance is created and destroyed and how your intimate relationship with your spouse can be more physically, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilling.  It will also give you simple and practical steps that you can take to increase the energy and unity in your marriage.

You can take this course at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.  If you have additional questions, you will have access to our coaches to address those questions.

Who We Are and How It Works

Abundant Life Mentoring was created with the goal of saving couples and their children from unnecessary divorce.  In the video below, we will explain who we are, why we felt inspired to start Abundant Life Mentoring, and how we help people create incredible love, passion, and peace in their marriages and families.

Happy marriages are created by happy individuals who then share that goodness with their spouse.  If the individuals are not happy independent of their spouse, it is impossible for them to experience the highest levels of joy that marriage is meant to provide.

– Greg Reynolds, Founder-Abundant Life Mentoring

This Is Not For Everybody . . .

We are big on getting results.  We encourage you to watch the video below and honestly consider the expectations we have for our clients to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

How We Can Help

We have put together free resources, courses, and coaching options to help you create the amazing marriage you dream about.  Watch the video below to learn more about how we can help.

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