Who We Are

Because I’m a marriage coach, some people make the mistake of assuming that my own marriage and family must be perfect.  The reality is, I struggle just like you do.  My wife and I argue, we yell at our kids, we worry that we’re screwing our kids up, we worry that we’re screwing each other up, we do a lot of apologizing, and we show up to church each Sunday with plenty of things to repent for.  We are imperfect people trying to create an amazing life and marriage, just like you.  We have learned a few things along the way and we’re now experiencing more optimism, love, excitement, and passion than ever before. We want to help you do the same.

-Greg Reynolds, Founder-Abundant Life Mentoring

Our Mission

God loves you and wants you to be happy. He created families to provide love and support for you throughout your life and into eternity. Satan knows that the most effective way to make you miserable and damage society is to attack your family and destroy your marriage. 

Abundant Life Mentoring was created to give couples and families the understanding, tools, and coaching they need to create loving, passionate, and peaceful marriages. 

Our team

Greg Reynolds


Kelsey Reynolds

Couple photo

Philip Burnett

Greg is a husband, father, and founder of Abundant Life Mentoring LLC, a marriage coaching company whose mission is to save couples and families from unnecessary divorce. He has a degree in child and family studies in addition to over 2,000 hours of marriage training. After helping hundreds of couples turn their marriages around, Greg has found that the best answers to marriage and life challenges are found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the steady and consistent application of faith, repentance, and forgiveness. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kelsey is a wife, mother, and Greg’s most trusted business advisor.  In the past, she has been a successful entrepreneur but now focuses her time and energy on being a mother.  She loves spending time in the mountains and when she’s not home having dance parties with the kids or teaching her children how to read, she can be found hiking and running the mountain trails near her home in Liberty, Utah.

Philip is a husband, father, and the business manager at Abundant Life Mentoring.  He is also a talented addiction recovery coach. He is passionate about providing the best service to our clients, to help them avoid the chaos and pain of loneliness, and save children from the devastation of divorce. When Phil is not having fun with his wife and children, he can be found scaling a cliff, running a mountain trail, or training for some adventure that he has concocted.