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With so much information literally at our fingertips, the challenge that we have is not finding marriage information, it is knowing what information is worthwhile.

We are constantly reading books, articles, scholarly journals, speeches by marriage “experts” and religious leaders, etc.  Some of them are good and some are a waste of time.  We have created this page to help you decipher what information is worth your time.


Greg's Reading List

None of the books on this list have all the answers (maybe The Bible) but they all provide some of the answers.  A prayerful study of these books will provide amazing information and tools that can be applied to improve your marriage.  Remember, it is not the information that will transform your marriage, it’s the application.

*We are always reading and studying new books and when we find one that is particularly helpful, we will add it to this list.  As we find new books that we feel are more helpful than the books currently on our list, we will replace the old book with the new one so that there isn’t redundant information.

The Bible provides more inspired and tested marriage advice than any other book, but that marriage advice can sometimes be difficult to find and understand. 

A few specific books to study are Genesis (especially the story of Adam and Eve); Proverbs; the words of Christ found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; and Ephesians. 

You can find amazing marriage advice in almost every book of the Bible, but the books listed above are particularly awesome.

This book is not specifically a marriage book, but we think it is superior to almost every marriage book out there.

This is one of the best-selling business and personal improvement books of all time and the principles taught therein can be easily applied to marriages to great affect.

If you want to understand what inspires a man (whether you are the man or the wife), this book is great.  Men and women are different and understanding, accepting, and celebrating those differences is one of the keys to a happy and fulfilling marriage.

This is the feminine counterpart to Wild At Heart.  This book is great in helping to understand the amazing nature and gifts of women and femininity.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of the leading researchers and authorities on the brain and the how positive thought, mediation, and habits affect the outcomes of one’s life.

This book helps one understand the neurophysiology of habits and gives effective advice for creating new, more productive habits. 

This book is an interview with The Devil and explores how The Devil tempts and tricks us and ultimately gets us to develop harmful habits that keep us from achieving a happy life, marriage, etc.

This book addresses the most common emotional needs that both men and women have and how to start meeting those needs for our spouse.  Though we don’t agree with everything written in this book, it is helpful in understanding many of the differences between men and women.

This book has been called “The best marriage book ever written.”  Though we disagree with that statement, it is a very good and very helpful book and is definitely worth reading.

This book is similar to His Needs Her Needs in concept (learning to meet the needs of your spouse) but provides additional insight and perspective.  This is a good companion to His Needs Her Needs.  Again, we don’t agree with everything written in this book but it does help one become more aware of their spouse’s preferences.  It a quick and entertaining book that is full of great information.

This book is a Christian sex guide for people who are wanting some help in the bedroom and want a resource that is safe and shares their Christian values.  Because Ed Wheat is a medical doctor, he covers the basic anatomy and physiology of sex as well as practical techniques for overcoming sexual challenges (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty reaching orgasm, etc.).  

This book is a good companion to Intended for Pleasure and it is written in a way that is fun to read.  This book is about creating excitement and reigniting the passion in a marriage.  It provides many practical suggestions for creating romance and sexual intimacy.

Financial stress and challenges are one of the most common struggles in marriage these days.  Dave Ramsey has come up with what we think is the best step-by-step program for taking responsibility and control of finances.  These “baby steps” are outlined in his book, The Total Money Makeover

This is written to women, particularly women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though all women and men, no matter their faith, could benefit from reading it. 

In this book, Laura covers the common sexual challenges that befall married couples and especially married, Christian women.  Supportive, loving husbands could benefit by learning about some of the challenges that women face as well as better understanding how they can support their wives in achieving sexual fulfillment, which is the key to a man’s sexual fulfillment.

Laura Brotherson refers regularly to “Intended For Pleasure” by Dr. Ed & Gaye Wheat as well as other helpful books, but she adds some great information about the female sexual response that I have only read in scholarly journals and is not widely understood.

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