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Many couples want help with their marriage but traditional counseling is not a good fit.  Maybe it’s inconvenient or the progress is too slow or maybe it’s even made things worse (we hear that a lot).  Below are some tools and coaching support that can help you heal and strengthen your marriage on your own time and at your own pace.  When you need a little personal coaching to support or speed up your progress, we have that too.  Look at the descriptions below to determine which options are right for you.



The “Foundation” course is ALM’s foundational healthy marriage and life principles program.  

In this course, we teach the foundational principles that create happy and successful marriages.  The point of this course is that once you understand these principles, you can use them to solve pretty much any marriage or life problem.

This program is designed to be taken at your own pace, though it is strongly encouraged to schedule out the program before you start and stick to that schedule.

This course will improve any marriage and is especially great for engaged or newlywed couples who want to start their marriages off right.  It is also great couples who have a decent marriage but are ready to take it to the next level.  For couples who are considering divorce, the Marriage Mastery Course is suggested.

The Foundation Program includes:

  • Foundational Marriage Principles video and audio trainings
  • Practical application homework assignments
  • Downloadable worksheets


Does this sound like you?  Has it been days, weeks, or even months since you felt loved by your spouse?  Does it feel like every conversation you have with your spouse ends in argument and frustration?  Do you wonder if you’ll ever regain the trust that you once had?  Do you worry about the damage that the dysfunction in your marriage is doing to your children?  Does it feel like, no matter what you do, your marriage is headed for divorce?

If any of this sounds like you, then I have good news for you.  None of these things are the real problems, they are just symptoms.  In this course, we take a systematic approach of finding the real underlying problems that are causing these symptoms.  Then, we give you the tools and techniques to effectively treat the problems.  As you treat the real problems, the symptoms go away on their own, which is why many people are surprised at how quickly their marriages transform. 

In this course we go through the psychology, neurology, physiology, physics, and spirituality of why your marriage is falling apart.  If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction (whether the addict or spouse of the addict), affair, or any other major marriage or life challenge or you feel like your marriage is headed toward divorce, this is definitely the class for you.  This is also a great course for people who are generally happy in their marriage, but would love to take that happiness to the next level.  The Foundation course is included with the Marriage Mastery course. 

*It is strongly suggested that you pair this course with either the Momentum Coaching program or the Transformation Coaching program.  The support, additional information, and accountability you receive from coaching will increase the effectiveness of this program. 

The Marriage Mastery Program includes:

  • 8 weeks of video and audio trainings
  • Weekly application assignments
  • Downloadable worksheets
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Marriage Communication and Negotiation - $47

We did a survey of over 200 clients and asked them to list their top 2-3 marriage challenges.  Over 90% of those couples listed poor communication as a top-3 struggle (most said it was their #1 struggle).

Effective communication is a foundational skill that improves every marriage and life situation.  Negotiation is an additional skill that can help you effectively address any problem. 

In this course, we teach you the science behind effective  communication and negotiation.  We also give you practical steps that you and your spouse can take to make effective communication and negotiation your default marriage habits instead of the center of your frustrations.


Rekindling Romance and Sexual Intimacy - $77

God created romance and intimacy to bring couples together and keep positive energy high.  In spite of this, romance and intimacy tends to be one of the biggest challenges and frustrations for many couples.  Unfortunately, the world’s philosophies tend to lead to superficial connection and unfulfilling sex and often can be a catalyst toward divorce.

In this course, we discuss what truly creates romance in a marriage.  You will come to understand your spouse on a deeper level and will know.  Then we will discuss practical and effective steps to build habits of romance in your marriage.

We also discuss the keys to emotionally and physically fulfilling sex.  We discuss the anatomy, chemistry, psychology, theology, and spirituality around sex.  We then we give you practical steps to quickly create amazing, unifying experiences that bind couples together.


Overcoming Pornography (Individuals) - $147

Rebuilding Marriage After Pornography (Couple's Course) - $147


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Momentum Coaching $100/month

Our Momentum large-group coaching program is designed to support you in your marriage transformation as you work through the “Foundation” or “Marriage Mastery” programs.  Weekly coaching provides accountability, structure, and helps to overcome problems more quickly without losing momentum.  In our experience, success rates increase significantly with the support and accountability that a coach provides. 

As you determine whether coaching is the right move for you, consider how many self-directed exercise routines or diets you have started but failed to maintain long-term.  Or how many times you have tried to quit a bad habit or implement a good one, only to revert back to past bad behaviors?  With something as important as your marriage, maybe a little coaching is a good idea.

Because of the larger group size, this coaching is done in a video forum setting (similar to Facebook Live in a marriage Facebook group).  You submit your questions beforehand and I answer them live in the forum, at which time you can ask follow-up questions.  

Each month I will focus on one topic that affects marriages and for the first hour of each weekly coaching session, I will give a short training and answer questions on these subjects.  The second hour of the coaching session is dedicated to answering all other questions.

Our weekly Large-group Coaching program includes:

  • Weekly Q&A Coaching Session with Greg
  • Weekly Focus Topic instruction and coaching with Greg (new focus topics chosen each month)
  • Access to community forum for asking questions, sharing successes
  • Access to Q&A Session recordings archive

Large-group coaching calls are held every Wednesday morning from 9-11am Mountain time.

*Can’t make that time?  All calls are recorded so you can listen to them at a later, more convenient time.  If you have questions you would like Greg to address, submit those questions ahead of time and then listen to the answer on the recording later.

Transformation Marriage Coaching Group (Limit 10 couples) - $1500/10 weeks

This is the right coaching choice for you if your marriage is really struggling and you have no time to mess around.  Those considering divorce or dealing with addiction, affairs, depression, and other major challenges should seriously consider this program.

There are a few differences between this program and the less expensive Momentum program.  First of all,  in this program, we limit the number of members per group to just 10 couples so that we are able to spend extra time and attention getting to and treating the root of your marriage problems.  The smaller group size also allows for better support and camaraderie within the group.  Second, these coaching sessions are held via Zoom, a web conferencing app which allows us to talk and discuss face-to-face.   Finally, in addition to the coaching sessions, you will have email access to our coaching team to answer your questions between sessions.

Also included in your Transformation Group membership is access to 10 weeks of Momentum Coaching sessions and session recording archives.

A common statement we get is, ‘an hour of coaching in this program has been more effective than any other counseling I’ve ever done!’

Your Transformation membership includes:

  • 10 Weeks of “in-person” coaching with Greg (using Zoom video conferencing app)
  • Access to Momentum Large-group Coaching
  • Access to Momentum recordings archive
  • Access to community forum for asking questions, sharing successes
  • Email support from our team for additional coaching as needed

Transformation Group Coaching Calls are held every Thursday morning from 9-11am Mountain time.

*Can’t make that time?  All calls are recorded so you can listen to them at a later, more convenient time.  If you have questions you would like Greg to address, submit those questions ahead of time and then listen to the answer on the recording later.

Courses & Coaching FAQs

Abundant Life Mentoring is a coaching company that specializes in turning struggling marriages around. We provide tools and coaching to help couples and families create the happiness, passion, and peace that they desire in their marriage. No matter how bad your marriage is, if you want to make it work and you are willing to do the work, we can help you make it happen.

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The programs and coaching offered by Abundant Life Mentoring will give you the understanding and tools that you need to solve any problem and turn around any marriage, no matter how bad it is. With that said, the process of transforming a marriage takes real effort. Some couples and individuals may get very quick results while others, depending on their situation, may make slower progress. The speed and effectiveness of our programs are completely dependent on your specific situation and your willingness to apply the principles and techniques that we teach.

We are not a fix-it-quick program that requires little or no effort. We are a fix-it-right program that requires commitment, effort, and personal responsibility.

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Over the years, we have found that over 80% of people who reach out to us for help are married individuals who desperately want to work on their marriage but whose spouse is “checked out” or isn’t interested. Sometimes it’s the wife and sometimes it’s the husband. Most of those individuals think that their marriage is lost because, “How am I supposed to save my marriage if he/she won’t work on it with me?”

In our experience, a single dedicated individual can have a MASSIVE positive impact on his/her marriage. There are no guarantees in this business, but most of these people who go it alone at first report significant improvements in their marriage in a short amount of time. Additionally, the majority of those “checked out” spouses end up checking back in and even start working the program with them.

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Most of the programs are a one-time payment with the exception of the large group coaching.

Foundation: One-time payment of $150.

Marriage Mastery: One-time payment of $500 (Foundation is included with the Marriage Mastery course)

Large Group Coaching: *Automatic monthly payment of $100*. Because most people choose to do large group coaching for multiple months, the default setting when you sign up for large group coaching is an automatic recurring monthly payment of $100. If you would like to cancel your subscription to large group coaching you will have to cancel manually.

Small Group Coaching: One-time payment of $1500 for 10 sessions.

One-on-one Personal Coaching: One-time payment of $5000 for 10 session.

When teaching marriage principles, we like to teach the psychology, neurology, physiology, physics, and spirituality around how to build a happy and successful marriage. Most people, whether they are religious or not, appreciate understanding their relationship from a variety of perspectives; it gives them a more complete understanding of what is happening and how to change it for the better. So no, you do not have to be religious to benefit from these courses or coaching. We have successfully coached many couples from a variety of belief and cultural backgrounds, including those that are not religious or don’t believe in God. With that said, Greg is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and therefore his perspective on marriage is influenced by his Christian beliefs. Only you can decide if that will be a problem for you.

Categories: Coaching, Courses, General

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