Momentum Monthly Training Topics

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                                                                      Monthly Focus Topics for 2019


Sex and Sexuality: common misunderstandings, why it’s the leading cause of marital frustration, understanding my spouse sexually, tips and techniques to improve sexual satisfaction, teaching children about sex and sexuality, why God commands us to be sexually active with our spouse often, what is ok and what’s not ok in marriage, sexual dysfunction, etc.


Creating emotional intimacy (closeness): understanding each other’s needs and desires, meeting each other’s needs, communication, vulnerability, (re)-creating trust, how emotional intimacy is different for men and women


Overcoming addictions and bad habits: how addictions/habits are formed, how to rewire brain, breaking negative cycles, shame vs. guilt; beating pornography, social media, alcohol, drugs, etc.


Communication: why we fight, why conflict (not fighting) is healthy if managed well, how to deal with conflict, why most of us are horrible at communicating in a healthy way, what healthy communication looks like, etc.


Emotional Health: Dealing with depression, anxiety, managing negative emotions, managing expectations/disappointment, helping children build self-esteem, etc.


Family matters: Parenting with unity, disciplining children, God’s instructions for dealing with extended family,


Providing and protecting: Principles for making more money, why the amount of money one makes has little to do with security, creating security for the family (especially for the wife), rewiring negative beliefs that are keeping us from making more money, protecting family physically, protecting family spiritually, protecting children from bullying, helping husband become an abundant provider, etc.


Becoming One: effective couple’s goal setting and getting, conflict resolution, finding personal purpose, finding marital purpose,