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The programs and coaching offered by Abundant Life Mentoring will give you the understanding and tools that you need to solve any problem and turn around any marriage, no matter how bad it is. With that said, the process of transforming a marriage takes real effort. Some couples and individuals may get very quick results while others, depending on their situation, may make slower progress. The speed and effectiveness of our programs are completely dependent on your specific situation and your willingness to apply the principles and techniques that we teach.

We are not a fix-it-quick program that requires little or no effort. We are a fix-it-right program that requires commitment, effort, and personal responsibility.

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Over the years, we have found that over 80% of people who reach out to us for help are married individuals who desperately want to work on their marriage but whose spouse is “checked out” or isn’t interested. Sometimes it’s the wife and sometimes it’s the husband. Most of those individuals think that their marriage is lost because, “How am I supposed to save my marriage if he/she won’t work on it with me?”

In our experience, a single dedicated individual can have a MASSIVE positive impact on his/her marriage. There are no guarantees in this business, but most of these people who go it alone at first report significant improvements in their marriage in a short amount of time. Additionally, the majority of those “checked out” spouses end up checking back in and even start working the program with them.

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Most of the programs are a one-time payment with the exception of the large group coaching.

Foundation: One-time payment of $150.

Marriage Mastery: One-time payment of $500 (Foundation is included with the Marriage Mastery course)

Large Group Coaching: *Automatic monthly payment of $100*. Because most people choose to do large group coaching for multiple months, the default setting when you sign up for large group coaching is an automatic recurring monthly payment of $100. If you would like to cancel your subscription to large group coaching you will have to cancel manually.

Small Group Coaching: One-time payment of $1500 for 10 sessions.

One-on-one Personal Coaching: One-time payment of $5000 for 10 session.

When teaching marriage principles, we like to teach the psychology, neurology, physiology, physics, and spirituality around how to build a happy and successful marriage. Most people, whether they are religious or not, appreciate understanding their relationship from a variety of perspectives; it gives them a more complete understanding of what is happening and how to change it for the better. So no, you do not have to be religious to benefit from these courses or coaching. We have successfully coached many couples from a variety of belief and cultural backgrounds, including those that are not religious or don’t believe in God. With that said, Greg is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and therefore his perspective on marriage is influenced by his Christian beliefs. Only you can decide if that will be a problem for you.

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The “Foundation” course is ALM’s entry-level course and is a prerequisite for any of our coaching programs. This course teaches the foundational principles that create happy and successful marriages. Once you understand these principles, you can use them to solve pretty much any marriage problem.

The course is comprised of video and audio trainings and assignments. The information in this course can be life changing, but only if it’s applied. The assignments are meant to help you apply the principles.

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The “Marriage Mastery” course is ALM’s premium 8-week, step-by-step marriage course designed to rebuild your marriage from the ground up. We go more in-depth than the “Foundation” course in both the information and application. The first half of the program is focused on becoming healthy and happy individually. This is a critical step if you want long-term marriage happiness and is one area where many other marriage courses fall short. The second half of the program is about bringing two healthy individuals together and becoming unified, creating deeper levels of emotional and physical intimacy, and building an incredible future together where you support and lift each other.

The course is made up of weekly video and audio trainings and homework assignments. Most people will make incredible personal and marriage breakthroughs with the information and assignments from this program but will, at times, need some additional help from a coach to overcome some of the bigger challenges. Therefore, we recommend (but do not require) that you purchase coaching in addition to this program.

*The Foundation course is included when you purchase the Marriage Mastery course.

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Because your marriage is the most important relationship you have in this life and it impacts all other aspects of life, we expect you to make your marriage a priority and come ready to work. With that said, we know that life is busy so we have done our best to leave out the fluff and only give you the most important and effective information and techniques so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

If you are in the “Foundation” program, your time commitment each week will vary. This program is designed to be taken at your own pace. We encourage you to set a schedule for yourself for how quickly you would like to work through the program and then stick with it. People who stick to a schedule will make more progress than those who do not. One proposed schedule could be to watch or listen to one training per week and do the corresponding assignments. At this pace, plan on about 2-3 hours per week including the training.

If you are in the “Marriage Mastery” program, plan on an average of about 3-5 hours per week for 8 weeks. This course is designed to be done over an 8-week period and is most effective when it is combined with one of the coaching options, but it can be done on your own schedule and without coaching. We encourage our clients to stick as closely to the 8-week schedule as possible. It is much easier to gain momentum and maintain it than to stop and try to start back up again. Weekly coaching is one of the best ways to maintain the momentum.

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We want your progress toward a better marriage to be as quick and efficient as possible. Understanding the principles taught in the “Foundation” course will make your experience in our coaching programs much more enjoyable and effective. It will give you and our team a common “foundation” upon which we can build.

Our goal is to help people gain the understanding and master the skills they need for a happy marriage as quickly as possible. We are happy to help people as long as they need it, but ultimately we want to help create marriages that are strong and happy and are not dependent on paid coaching.

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