Marriage Mastery Course

Father On Laptop Holds Newborn Son As Mother Makes Meal

Marriage Mastery 8-Week Course

Does this sound like you?  Has it been days, weeks, or even months since you felt loved by your spouse?  Does it feel like every conversation you have with your spouse ends in argument and frustration?  Do you wonder if you’ll ever regain the trust that you once had?  Do you worry about the damage that the dysfunction in your marriage is doing to your children?  Does it feel like, no matter what you do, your marriage is headed for divorce?

If any of this sounds like you, then I have good news for you.  None of these things are the real problems, they are just symptoms.  In this course, we take a systematic approach of finding the real underlying problems that are causing these symptoms.  Then, we give you the tools and techniques to effectively treat the problems.  As you treat the real problems, the symptoms go away on their own, which is why many people are surprised at how quickly their marriages transform. 

In this course we go through the psychology, neurology, physiology, physics, and spirituality of why your marriage is falling apart.  If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction (whether the addict or spouse of the addict), affair, or any other major marriage or life challenge or you feel like your marriage is headed toward divorce, this is definitely the class for you.   

*It is strongly suggested that you pair this course with either the Momentum Coaching program or the Transformation Coaching program.  The support, additional information, and accountability you receive from coaching will increase the effectiveness of this program.