Coaching or counseling, which is better?

The terms “coaching” and “counseling” are often used synonymously but there are some important differences between coaching and counseling and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

ALM approaches coaching with our eyes and intentions on the future. It’s all about moving toward what we want instead of running away from what we don’t want. There are times when things from our past hold us back from getting our future goals. As these things come up, we teach the skills and techniques to deal with and heal from the past and we support you through process. Then, we continue forward until you achieve your goals.

Counseling or therapy often take a different approach, looking into the past to make sense of and heal from difficult or traumatic experiences. Counseling is sometimes best when a person needs more personalized help to deal with difficult situations.

Coaching can be done very effectively in a group setting, while therapy is usually more effective in a one-on-on setting.

It is our experience that most people respond very well to coaching even (or especially) when counseling hasn’t helped or has made things worse.

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