What is the “Marriage Mastery” course?

The “Marriage Mastery” course is ALM’s premium 8-week, step-by-step marriage course designed to rebuild your marriage from the ground up. We go more in-depth than the “Foundation” course in both the information and application. The first half of the program is focused on becoming healthy and happy individually. This is a critical step if you want long-term marriage happiness and is one area where many other marriage courses fall short. The second half of the program is about bringing two healthy individuals together and becoming unified, creating deeper levels of emotional and physical intimacy, and building an incredible future together where you support and lift each other.

The course is made up of weekly video and audio trainings and homework assignments. Most people will make incredible personal and marriage breakthroughs with the information and assignments from this program but will, at times, need some additional help from a coach to overcome some of the bigger challenges. Therefore, we recommend (but do not require) that you purchase coaching in addition to this program.

*The Foundation course is included when you purchase the Marriage Mastery course.

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