Why group coaching?

There are some very good reasons why we choose to do mostly group coaching instead of one-on-one. The most important reason is that it helps you get better results.

We have found that people are more successful at changing their lives when they have a good support system and a cheerleading squad behind them. That’s where the group comes in. When a couple who has a struggling marriage hears that multiple other couples in the group are dealing with the same problems, there is an immediate sense of relief, the shame goes away, and we can start focusing on solutions. When a struggling couple or individual sees the system working for other couples, it’s inspiring and motivating. When a couple or individual is discouraged, the group can help encourage and lift them up. As good as one-on-one coaching can be, most clients prefer the group setting.

Other reasons for group coaching are that it allows us to help more people in a given amount of time which means we can charge less money per couple.

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